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Music Licensing

Once you have purchased a piece of music from this website, you can use it for:
film, tv/radio, social platforms, commercial work, podcasts, websites, software, game applications, videos, animations, slideshows.

Please contact me via my website for permission for other applications. Pricing may vary depending on application, particularly where commercial applications are involved.

Please credit the music in this format:
Music: Title by Ruth Lee Martin - (just replace Title with the title of the track you are actually using.)


You cannot:
You cannot claim this music as your own.

You cannot register this music in any store/platform.

You cannot change the music except to edit/cut/stretch as needed for your application.

You cannot do remixes with this music (without permission first from me).

The license provided with each piece of music is applicable to one person or company only.

If you sell projects such as corporate videos, websites, or messages on hold to other clients you must buy a license for each application, or contact me to negotiate a multiple client license.

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