Welcome to SMUDGE MUSIC featuring my compositions and the projects I'm working on. My musical influences are diverse. Music for Film is my recent stuff and where I’m heading as a composer. Western Art Music - particularly Minimalism – has played a significant role for many years in my compositional style and Scots Folk Music has just been a part of my everyday life since I was born. I also love experimenting with vocal sounds. 

Documentaries I've worked on recently are featured below:

A Diary from the Frontline

Episode 1: Sheena

The series "A Dairy from the Frontline" was produced by Global Health Reporting Center in partnership with Emma Watts, Green Bean Pictures and PBS NewsHour. Some of the music I composed for this series can be found on the music section of this website.

Episode 2: Davey

Episode 3: Ali

Episode 4: Giuliana